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Hello Everyone,

We at #CosMicIT are looking for a #Dotnet MVC ( ASP.NET and MVC )

Locations – Pune

Experience : 5 years

Job description: 

  • Proficient in developing web applications using ASP.NET framework and MVC architecture.
  • Experienced in working on scalable and maintainable solutions, adhering to best practices and design patterns.
  • Capable of integrating front-end layer with Service layer

Microservices and REST API:

  • Expertise in designing and implementing microservices-based architectures for distributed systems.
  • Skilled in developing RESTful APIs for seamless communication between microservices and client applications.

SQL Server and Database Optimization:

  • Proficient in SQL Server database development, including the creation stored procedures, functions, and triggers.
  • Complex SQL queries to extract, transform, and analyse data efficiently.
  • Optimizing database query performance through query tuning, index optimization, and database schema design improvements.

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Any references would also be accepted.


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