Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions for CosMIcIT India Informative Pvt Ltd outline the terms of engagement between the recruitment agency and its clients (employers) and candidates seeking employment opportunities. These terms protect the rights of all parties involved and provide clarity on the recruitment process. Below is a sample set of Terms and Conditions for a job recruitment company:

For Employers (Clients):

Job Placement:

The recruitment company will provide suitable candidates for the specified job positions based on the employer’s requirements and job description.
The employer agrees to provide accurate and detailed information about the job vacancy, including qualifications, responsibilities, and remuneration.
Candidate Selection:

The recruitment company will conduct initial screenings, interviews, and assessments to evaluate the candidates’ qualifications and suitability for the job.
The employer has the right to review and interview shortlisted candidates before making a final hiring decision.
Fees and Payments:

The employer agrees to pay the agreed-upon recruitment fees as per the terms specified in the service agreement.
Payment terms, including invoicing and payment schedules, will be mutually agreed upon by both parties.

The recruitment company will handle all employer and candidate information with strict confidentiality and will not disclose any sensitive details without prior consent.
Guarantee Period:

The recruitment company may offer a guarantee period during which they will replace a candidate if they do not meet the agreed-upon performance standards or leave the position voluntarily.
For Candidates:

Job Opportunities:

The recruitment company will present suitable job opportunities based on the candidate’s qualifications, skills, and preferences.
Candidates agree to provide accurate and updated information about their qualifications, work experience, and other relevant details.
Interview Representation:

The recruitment company may represent the candidate during the interview process with potential employers, providing guidance and feedback.

The recruitment company will treat all candidate information with confidentiality and seek the candidate’s consent before disclosing any details to potential employers.

Candidates seeking job opportunities through the recruitment company are not required to pay any fees for the service.
General Terms:


The recruitment company will not engage in any discriminatory practices based on race, gender, religion, nationality, disability, or any other protected status.
Limitation of Liability:

The recruitment company will not be held liable for any damages, losses, or disputes arising from the employer’s hiring decisions or the candidate’s acceptance of a job offer.

Either party may terminate the recruitment services by providing written notice as per the terms specified in the service agreement.
Governing Law:

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the jurisdiction where the recruitment company is registered.
Both employers and candidates are required to review and accept these Terms and Conditions before engaging the services of the job recruitment company. By using the services of the recruitment company, employers and candidates agree to comply with these terms and enter into a legally binding agreement with the company.